Talie Massachi

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About me

I'm a fourth year PhD student in computer science at Brown University. I work in the Brown HCI Lab, advised by Prof. Jeff Huang. My research focuses on understanding, building, and maintaining social support networks over social media. Previously, I worked as a software engineer at constructor.io. I graduated from Brandeis University in 2018, with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology.

Research Projects

Chime: a social mood-tracking app that encourages social support through emoji-only communication.
Sochiatrist: a social data extractor used to predict signals of mental health from social messaging data.


* Denotes equal contribution
Pearl: A Technology Probe for Machine-Assisted Reflection on Personal Data
Matthew J├Ârke, Yasaman S Sefidgar, Talie Massachi, Jina Suh, Gonzalo Ramos (to appear in IUI 2023)
Bridging the Social Distance: Offline to Online Social Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Gabriela Hoefer*, Talie Massachi*, Neil G Xu, Nicole Nugent, Jeff Huang (CSCW 2022) PDF
Leveraging Mobile-Based Sensors for Clinical Research to Obtain Activity and Health Measures for Disease Monitoring, Prevention, and Treatment
Hari Dandapani, Natalie Davoodi, Lucie Joerg, Melinda Li, Daniel Strauss, Kelly Fan, Talie Massachi, Elizabeth Goldberg
(Frontiers in Digital Health 2022) PDF
Sochiatrist: Signals of Affect in Messaging Data
Talie Massachi*, Grant Fong*, Varun Mathur*, Sachin Pendse*, Gabriela Hoefer, Jessica Fu, Chong Wang, Nikita Ramoji, Nicole Nugent, Megan Ranney, Daniel Dickstein, Michael Armey, Ellie Pavlick, Jeff Huang (CSCW 2020) PDF Video
Racing Heart and Sweaty Palms
Mathieu Chollet, Talie Massachi, Stefan Scherer (IVA 2017) PDF

Other Fun Things

a white feather on a blue background. The Chime app logo.
Ever wondered what a post might look like in emojis?
a cartoon bird looking at its phone. Drawn by Caitlin Rowlings.
Looking for the Brown University CSCI 0130 homepage?
a cartoon pigeon sitting in a tree surrounded by leaves. Drawn by Lianne Pflug.
My social media avatar, commissioned from Lianne Pflug (@loonpflug).
a mandala-like shape on a green and yellow background.
M3ap, a mandala-inspired music visualizer. A project from Hack @ Brown 2017.